Hidden Gem Martial Arts Reviews

Great instructors, and a great experience for anyone to learn martial arts. My daughter has been training here for a year and a half or so, and she loves it. They really care about the art, and the students. I couldn’t recommend them high enough.

Stan Zungolo

This place ROCKS!! I signed up in August 2013 and absolutely love it! Not only are the instructors supportive they are very knowledgeable about fitness. Kickboxing has become a part of my daily lifestyle. I have lost over 30lbs since joining. I not only feel good I look good! If you are reading this review I urge you to come out and try it!! You will feel GREAT!!

Judy Loftus

When I signed up, I had NO idea what to expect. After my first class I was Hooked. I felt So Powerful and happy! Very friendly, with people of all fitness levels. Our Monday Instructor Heather is a POWERHOUSE! She kept us all motivated and gave us positive reinforcement during the ENTIRE class. I have never loved a class so much! It was never boring, and not so hard that I quit. Lou is also a fantastic instructor. Correcting stances and adjusting our routine for our skill level without making me or My Friend feel weak. I am now addicted to Kickboxing! Cant wait for class tonight!

Jerrica Alford

Traditional Tang Soo Do school. Part of the World Tang Soo Do Association. Fantastic instructors. Attentive, friendly and caring towards the kids. Can participate in tournaments at all belt levels. I have been training there for 11 years. Fun activities and parties. Challenging and energetic kickboxing by Judy.

Beth Lowry

There is not enough I can say! My daughters have been attending karate there for 9 years. Karate has become a very integral part of their lives. I also began taking kickboxing classes at the studio over a year ago and absolutely love it! It has become an important part of my weekly routine. I look forward to classes each week and feel great. All of the instructors are supportive and extremely helpful. If you have been thinking about giving kickboxing a try, I urge you to try this studio.

Catherine Tuomi

They are the best. They will always always help and work with the kids. Wonderful school and people. I’m so glad my son is enrolled here.

Nadja Printz

I love this place ! Great stress reliever and I know stress being the mother of five. Friendly staff, great group, convenient classes and I dropped two sizes already. This girl gives it both Thumbs up

Jaime McInnis

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